What We Do

Rubicon Venture Capital is an early stage VC fund with offices in San Francisco and New York City focused on backing enterprise and consumer technology companies in the internet, software and connected hardware verticals at Late Seed, Series A and B stages.


We are backed by a diverse set of value added LP investors including high-net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional LPs located worldwide. We enable our LPs to co-invest with us via our sidecar vehicles at Late Seed, A and B financings. We continue to invest in our portfolio companies all the way to exit via our sidecar funds providing our LPs with access to select late stage investment opportunities.

A Completely New Venture Capital Model

Each time our fund invests in a company, our investors may choose to allocate additional capital to the opportunity, motivating them to provide real value add to the company. For investors this means unique access to difficult-to-get-into deals, more control and better returns. For founders, this means direct access to successful entrepreneurs-turned-investors, as well as, large corporates and institutions that can support their business from seed through exit.

Our network is unique and active. Our investor base includes a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs, family offices, large corporations and institutional investors that directly help our portfolio companies succeed. We animate this network with private events bringing our portfolio companies in direct contact with our value added LPs. Our sidecar model brings continuous communication among our portfolio companies and experienced LPs resulting in world beating startups.


Our Investment Focus

Our focus is on companies in North America, the UK and Northern Europe, where we have developed extensive VC and business networks that can help our portfolio companies succeed.

The bulk of our funds are focused in Series A and B financing rounds. We require that a startup has raised a minimum of $1m USD of outside funding before we invest. Our unique fund plus sidecar model enables Rubicon and our investors to participate in growth, secondary and late-stage rounds right up to an exit.

We’re All In This Together!

We deliver real value through our extensive global network of investors and 17 Venture Partners. Got challenges? We’ve got seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders ready to go to bat for you. Meet our team here.

Crossing The Rubicon

In the centuries since Julius Caesar led a Roman legion across the Rubicon River, “crossing the Rubicon” has become synonymous with thinking big and irrevocably committing oneself to a bold and revolutionary course of action. At Rubicon we’re committed to revolutionizing venture capital.